“I just had my long overdue eye exam with Dr. Halpert. It was the best experience, they are like a family – a cozy and welcoming feeling. Dr. Halpert was incredibly efficient, professional, and knowledgeable, and at the same time comforting and upbeat. The staff was also very proficient. I would recommend them with two thumbs up.”

Uliana M. Thousand Oaks, CA

“Dr. Halpert is flat out the best!! His care and knowledge are only exceeded by his personality and enthusiasm which makes visits here always enjoyable. He found drusen in one eye exam and sent me to an expert. We are now monitoring. This was a shock to me and Dr. Halpert explained what they are in calm and professional terms. He kept me clam as well…. Because of the drusen and monitoring for glaucoma I need to see other doctors, specialists in those areas. Dr. Halpert watches over them and checks my charts…he doesn’t miss a thing. Then when it’s time for my exam, well, I really LOOK forward to seeing Dr. Halpert for great care and a lot of smiles.”

Frank W., Agoura Hills, CA

“Dr. Toor was fantastic. She went into a layman’s explanations of every procedure which I completely understood. She spent as much time as I needed for questions. I would definitely recommend Conejo-Simi to everyone. I also purchased my glasses from them. They were very knowledgeable and detail oriented.”

Don A., Agoura Hills, CA

“I am so happy with the Conejo-Simi Eye Medical Group! Dr. Benica Eyvazzadeh is so warm, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. I love her! The appointments are easy to set up and quick wait time. They are very, very generous with contact and medication samples, trying to save the patient money and make sure they find the exact right product for them. My six year old has one weaker eye, but Dr. E. recommended that we don’t rush into glasses yet. I appreciate her approach.”

Dana B., Minneapolis, MN

“Very good experience with staff and Dr. Ebroon. Eye lid surgery can be unnerving and they handled with easy making me feel very comfortable. I was referred by my eye Dr. and was told Dr. Ebroon was a pro. I could not agree more. Excellent in all respects.”

Paul M., Oak Park, CA

“Dr. Ebroon and his entire staff were the most professional and personable group of any healthcare facility I have ever encountered. The office is extremely organized and wait times are virtually zero. Dr. Ebroon is highly skilled and even personally called me the day after surgery to see how I was feeling. This is the office to go to for an excellent healthcare experience.”

Mitchell S., Westlake Village, CA

“This is a medical group, as a group they are not all perfect. but what I want to share is there are some great doctors here and it is worth the imperfections of the office staff to get care from them. My cataract surgeon was Dr. Stephen Corwin very comprehensive and personable. After surgery I received a phone call from him to see how I was doing. My first appointment I could barely read the giant E; then, a week after surgery, I could read the smallest print. Good Job and the surgery was painless, much easier than going to the dentist. Be sure to ask for Dr. Stephen for your eye care needs.”

Jay P., Thousand Oaks, CA

“Dr. Shayna Mangers is a super Doctor! She saved my vision by identifying my glaucoma and treating it with an iridectomy. A couple of years after that she identified my retina which was in the process of detaching and once again she prevented my blindness. I cannot thank or praise Dr. Shayna Mangers enough! Want to add that she is personable and has great bed-side manners. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Mangers!”

Steve S., Moorpark, CA

“Dr. Martidis and his staff in the Simi office were amazing!! They made me feel comfortable through the process, in preparation and the surgery itself was painless. I have 20/20 vision now and it’s truly changed my life! I’m a professional photographer, so it is very important for me to see clearly. Thank you Dr. Martidis and his lovely staff for all that you have done! I’m very happy with the my treatment.”

Gina E., Simi Valley, CA

“Dr. Kalra is excellent and so is the staff- very professional and helpful. I would recommend them and am so happy to have found a local office.”

Mary D., Simi Valley, CA

“Dr. Martidis is an excellent ophthalmologist with a solid professional manner. I first saw him for a severe infection that had lodged under the retina of my right eye. Working in conjunction with an infection specialist, Dr. Martidis literally saved the vision in my eye performing three separate and very necessary surgical procedures. I could not have hoped for a better result or a more satisfactory experience during what was a very stressful period. After saving my right eye, Dr. Martidis performed surgery on my left eye to correct an ongoing problem and again achieved a great result. I highly recommend Dr. Martidis and would not hesitate to have any member of my family utilize his services.”

Larry M., Simi Valley, CA

“I absolutely love this place. I had to take my month old son in to get his eye checked (hair in eye). The ladies are very welcoming and warm. The wait wasn’t too long either. Dr. Toor and Janice were very kind and gentle with my son (he slept through his whole exam!). We were given solution to rinse his eye out since we were not able to see the hair at the appointment. Later that night, my husband and I got the hair out 🙂 I definitely recommend this office!”

Priscilla D., Simi Valley, CA

“Every one of my visits to Conejo-Simi Eye Medical Group has been a pleasure for me. The entire staff is very professional and caring. Dr. Shayna Mangers has been my Ophthalmologist, and whose care has just been outstanding. A very conservative approach to make sure you get the best treatment for your eye care. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.”

Joe A., Thousand Oaks, CA

“I am new to CA and have struggled to find a good eye Dr.. Dr. Benica Eyvazzadeh wins hands down. She spent time figuring out what my issue was even having me come back again. Other eye Drs. just sent me on my way. Easy to get an appointment and no waiting time. The optician who helped me pick the right classes for driving was Levon Avakian was was also the best. I didn’t even know my insurance gave me lots of discounts and saved me $. Both of these people were so personable that I actually enjoyed going to the eye doctor.”

Shayna C., Oak Park, CA

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